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Port Renfrew Health and Social Services Society ...PRESENTS...

A Christmas Crafts Fair and Swap Meet

Would you like to participate?
Please contact us for more details.

December 2-3, 1-5pm
Held at the Rec Centre on this Saturday and Sunday.
If you hand craft anything yourself,
If you have anything hand crafted to sell,
If you have anything to sell at all,
If you want to donate anything for sale,
If you want to buy anything for Christmas, come to the Rec Centre Saturday and Sunday.
You can either be there yourself and sell,
or donate something and someone else will sell for you while you go shopping.

There will be tables available.
The proceeds of all donated items will go to the Cadet Program.
There is a tooney charge to sellers to cover expenses (coffee).
Sponsored by Portrenfrew Health and Social Services Society. (250) 647-5417

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