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Hiking through History by Teresa Burton
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Sandbar Trail
Map of Trails (resolution 1540x942x96dpi - 70,029 bytes)

Round Trip 1.6 km/1 mile - Allow 40 Minutes

The trail starts through trees and undergrowth then joins an old logging road, providing easy hiking along a wide and clear path leading you through a rain forest jungle of endless vegetation and then to a place for relaxation on a sandbar of the San Juan River. Most of the sandbar is flooded at high tide so check ahead for low tide by referring to the Botanical Beach tide table. The jungle referred to here is not just the planted Douglas fir forest, but also the vigorous, competitive growth of vegetation found along the shores of the river. From the wide-spread salmon berry bush, the oversized elderberry bushes and the huckleberries and ferns to the wild flowers such as pink fawn lilies, vanilla leaf, stinging nettle all come in great profusion and are arranged so beautifully that if not a jungle then surely it resembles a Garden of Eden.

The river, with its many estuaries and deltas, is an ever-changing environment influenced by moving water, heavy rainfall, erosion, tides and storm winds. You will see for yourself how these forces bring constant change to these shores. While life is scoured from one shoreline, deposits are left alongside another. This will provide the base for soil buildup and eventually the forest community will move in.

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