Re-construction Project of the West Coast Trail

Port Renfrew to Pachena Bay 77 km.

The telegraph trail was built in 1890. The West Coast Life Saving Road from Bamfield to Shelter Bight was built by the Department of Marine during 1900, 1910 and part of 1911. The trail from Shelter Bight to Nitinat River was built in late 1911, and completed to Clo-oose in 1912.

images of the construction project - West Coast Trail
42 km of boardwalk

Board walks were created utilizing existing terrain, and lumber if possible. Most of the trail followed closely the old telegraph line, but in some areas where rare and almost absent species of fauna were being delicatly balanced by nature, a new route was diverted from the area to prevent possible human intervention.

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47 miles/77 km

In 1973, Parks Canada started reconstruction of the West Coat Trail and completed in 1980.

Owens Point km 67

Owens Point km 67

The cave on the beach is 10 km from the trailhead. The beach is only passable at tides below 6 feet (1.8 m). Hikers should check their tide tables for beach access.

Logan Creek

58 bridges

Obvious obstacles of rugged terrain presented dynamic solutions.
Logan Creek
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Thousands of stairs and landings

The WCT is a wilderness trail with the reputation of being one of the most grueling treks in North America. It is isolated, strenuous, physically demanding and potentially hazardous. Hiking the WCT demands stamina and expertise in hiking and backcountry camping skills. You are required to wade rivers, use cable cars, negotiate steep slopes, climb ladders and follow an irregular, slippery trail.

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Pachena Bay Information / Registration Centre
Phone/Fax: (250) 728-3234
Open daily 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., May 1 to Oct. 5
Gordon River Information / Registration Centre
Phone: (250) 647-5434
Fax: (250) 647-0016
Open daily 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., May 1 to Oct. 5
Park Administration Office
2185 Ocean Terrace Road
P.O. Box 280, Ucluelet, BC V0R 3A0
Phone: (250) 726-7721 (year-round)
Long Beach Information Centre
Phone: (250) 726-4212 (June - September)

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and information on the West Coast Trail are available at Port Renfrew Online and the Parks Link and West Coast Trail Information web site.

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