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Guilleomot Double

Locally built Nick Schade design "Guilleomot Kayaks"

Constructed by Mark Kuzman and Bruce Comaniuk

Approaching the Final Phase

The two cedar strip kayaks went into the construction stage early January this year. Mark Kuzman ∓mp;; Bruce salvaged west coast red cedar they found on the local beaches around Port Renfrew. The logs were then hauled and cut at Marks mill, processed into thin strips on the table saw and finally each one routed bead and cove for molding into their final shapes.The project is in it's final stages of development. Stay tuned for the final launching later this summer.

Construction took place in the old VIP building by the store.
This is the first time either one has ever built a strip kayak before. The painstaking time that these two have put into this project has really paid off. We look forward to the final addition of hardware and launch day. Good luck boys!

Phase 2 of our photo shoot.

Working from scratch

Mermaid carved head

Single Guilleomot

Highlighted cedar strips

side view

The Nick Schade Guilleomot Kayaks that you see on this site are a 17 foot plus Guilleomot Single and a 20 foot Guilleomot Double. Strip building is the art of taking stacks of wood and converting them into beautiful and durable water craft. The wood strips are covered with fiberglass and resin (West Systems epoxy resin) to create a durable and beautiful craft that is also a work of art.

The kayak is first covered with a layer of epoxy resin. Then layed up with one layer of six ounce cloth and coated again with resin. This is repeated in areas where reinforcement is necessary. After this stage the dust masks go on, and they are palm sanded from a number eighty grit to one hundred.

Below we view the cockpit combing being reinforced with cloth and resin. The top edge of the combing lip on Mark's is made of maple wood. Bruce uses yellow cedar on his.

Mark's kayak has flush hatch covers, and he is taping up the padeyes for placement on the kayaks surface.

pics in various stages of kayak construction Marks padeyes positioned for installation. (Click image)

Bruce's array of wood clamps holding the cowling in position.

The steps of finishing are laboriously and painstakingly achieved as the final launch is planned out. Some hardware will wait. This is a time for taking to the rivers and enjoying the fruits of harvest.

Phase 3 of our photo shoot.

The final layers of resin and cloth
(Click image)

Nice lines!

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