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FEATURE / OCTOBER 2016 Big Lonely Doug How a single tree, and the logger who saved it, have changed the way we see  British Columbia’s old-growth forests BY HARLEY RUSTAD PHOTOGRAPHY BY TJ WATT This is a culmination of many stories with many parts being said. “No one would have ever seen Big Lonely Doug if we hadn’t logged that piece,” Cronin said.  This single tree provided the symbol that represented exactly what the Ancient Forest Alliance needed and to help save our ancient forests. The organization christened him Big Lonely Doug  and the tree instantly became a celebrity. Its story rippled through the media. Globe and Mail called it  “the loneliest tree in Canada”. photo Rene Kundo


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Story LINK
Hiking throught History with Teresa Burton.
Hiking Local Trails around Port Renfrew. Now over 20 years old, some of these trails might be difficult to find. The adventure will be re-discovering them. Some have been overgrown over the years and some have been improved.

Tall Trees of Canada