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Port Renfrew Hotel 1920’s

Phone - 911

Fire Hall Port Renfrew Non - Emergency calls: +1 250-647-5542 Capital Regional District Fire Hall 6637 Deering Rd, Port Renfrew, BC V0S 1K0 Pacheedaht First Nation in Port Renfrew share the same Fire Department. This local community based volunteer department is funded by property taxes from within the fire protection area it serves collected under a Capital Regional District (CRD) establishment bylaw. A CRD Bylaw also provides for a local community based Advisory Commission to ensure the service provided meets the community’s needs. Supported is also provided by CRD staff in areas such as Protective Services, Finance, Risk and Insurance among others

+1 250-647-0101

Port Renfrew      Volunteer photo credits The Port Renfrew Hotel Fire History Built in 1927 by James Islay Mutter,  the Port Renfrew Hotel replaced a similar structure on the other side of the cove. The first hotel burned to the ground after sitting vacant for two years, the byproduct of a town abandoned by government promises to build an in-road from Victoria, BC, Canada. “The Homestead” Port Renfrew Service Area Map Port Renfrew Volunteer Fire Department photos Apr 8, 2015 Port Renfrew Fire Department gets new fire trucks Community paramedicine adds life and health to remote Vancouver Island  communities
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Comments on Beard Bros

Mike Taylor // March 17, 2019

It just happens that there is now a respirator

designed for wildfire fighting that works really

well with beards and other facial hair: the Fair Air

fire mask.

A great Australian invention that removes over

99.94% of particulates. (0.3 micron, 100% for 0.7

micron and above)

NOTE: It is not a replacement for SCBA as required

in low oxygen/ toxic environments.

So if you only fight fires outdoors there is no need

to be clean shaven.

Wildfires can still be dealt with by wild bearded guys.

Port Renfrew Fire Dept.
photo courtesy David Norman
photo courtesy David Norman