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'Tolkien Giant' tree at root of B.C. climate change appeal

Ancient Forest Alliance calls on B.C. to toughen protection for giant trees to aid climate change action Conservationists who want the government to take action on climate change by protecting B.C.'s old-growth forests say they've measured a near-record-sized red cedar in Vancouver Island's central Walbran Valley. The Ancient Forest Alliance said the tree that it calls the Tolkien Giant is the ninth-widest western red cedar in the province, according to a list compiled by the University of B.C.'s forestry faculty. Tall trees turning Port Renfrew into tourist hot spot The discovery of a grove of massive and unusual cedar trees six years ago has slowly been attracting more and more tourists from around the world to the tiny community of Port Renfrew. And now the business community says it’s better for the local economy to move on from logging, and set its sights instead on eco-tourism. Port Renfrew is a two hour drive from Victoria, along Vancouver Island’s west coast. “To be able to drive somewhere, and to be able to immerse themselves in an environment that looks the same, is the same, the way it was perhaps 1000 years ago, is a wonderful experience,” said Dan Hager, President of the Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce. A short drive from the centre of Port Renfrew brings you to Avatar Grove.
portrenfrew.com TRAVEL Almost every inch of Port Renfrew, B.C., inspires awe – from the tiniest starfish trapped in a tidal pool to the hulking growths of 'Canada's gnarliest tree.' Good thing you'll
Globally important old-growth rainforest in    the Walbran Valley is at risk, and we need   urgent action to protect it!   Last fall, after finding new surveying tape in   the unprotected central Walbran Valley, we   contacted logging company Teal Jones to ask   what its plans were. We stressed the    eological importance and scarcity of old
photo courtesy David Norman
Why Vancouver Island’s Walbran Valley Matters Posted May 11, 2020