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Motorcycles with BC Ferries
(from BC Ferries FAQ)

Q: Do you handle motorcycles differently from other vehicles?
A: Yes. Here are some things you should know:

The motorcycle fare is up to 50% less than a standard vehicle, on most routes

Motorcyclists may be directed to the front of a lane, by the ticket agent, if the loading process has not already started.

This procedure assists staff in placing motorcycles into spaces at the front of the ship where standard vehicles do not fit Depending on the vessel and terminal, motorcyclists may be boarded at the very end of the loading process, taking into consideration the order customers arrived.

Motorcycles with trailers, motorcycles with side cars, motorcycles or vehicles with three or more wheels and motorcycle groups will generally not be sent to the front of the lane. These vehicles displace standard vehicles, and do not fit into smaller spaces at the front or rear of the ship. Depending on the terminal

These customers may be sent to a separate lane for the convenience of the loading officer and tower staff, to assist with the loading process.

Motorcycle reservations are currently available and recommended for the Tsawwassen-Southern Gulf Islands route, Port Hardy-Prince Rupert, Prince Rupert-Skidegate, Port Hardy or Prince Rupert to our mid-coast destinations.

On all other routes motorcycle reservations are not currently available, with the exception of group bookings. It is recommended to bring tie downs for northern travel.

We operate under the principle of first come first serve and may deviate from this if a motorcycle/trike does not displace other vehicles by the space they occupy onboard.

Loading tips:

Always ride your motorcycle onto the vessel slowly

Motorcycles should be parked at a 45-degree angle to the ship's centre line

Motorcycles should be left in low gear

Your motorcycle should be parked on the side stand so that it won't fall over to the left. The opposite side should then be blocked with wooden car blocks, available on the car deck, so it won't fall over to the right.

Return to your motorcycle prior to docking to prevent it from falling over when the ship docks against the shore-pilings

Cycling with BC Ferries

Ticketing and Boarding Procedures

Cyclists should proceed to the vehicle ticket booths as directed by cycling signage approaching the terminal. Tickets may be purchased at any available ticket booth.

Cyclists will be directed to a waiting area on the terminal by terminal staff. The ship’s loading officer will direct waiting cyclists to board the ferry on the main vehicle deck. Cyclists will be directed to board either first or last depending on the destination, the ship’s layout and other traffic. In all cases cyclists will be directed to dismount and push their bicycles when crossing the loading ramp to board the ferry.

Onboard Storage

Once onboard, cyclists will be directed to an area on the car deck where bicycles can be secured. Even though BC Ferries crew conduct regular patrols of the vehicle decks, all bicycles and personal gear should be secured.

Unloading Procedures

Cyclists will be directed to disembark, either first or last, under the direction of the ship’s deck officer. In all cases, for safety, cyclists will be directed to dismount and push their bicycles when crossing the loading ramp to disembark the ferry.