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map of BC Forest Service Campgrounds near Port Renfrew BC

Fairy Lake Vancouver Island image from Harris Main logging road Port Renfrew BC

Fairy Lake
Lizard Lake
San Juan Bridge

Fairy Lake
Port Renfrew
BC, Canada.

Fairy Lake is a BC Forest Service campground located 110 km west of Victoria and five km northeast of Port Renfrew. It is accessed from Port Renfrew via Harris Main, a dirt and gravel logging road.

Area of the lake is 82.3 acres and it has an approximate depth of 16 feet and an elevation of 98.4 ft. The lake is home to Cutthroat and sea run Dolly Varden. In the summer the beach area is popular for locals and tourists alike for suntanning and swimming. There are hiking trails in the area as well as trail bike riding, and other outdoor activities.

There is a fish hatchery nearby and its salmon enhancement program has been responsible for increased returns of spawning salmon to this area over many years.

Fairy Lake BC image of tree in lakeTree in the Lake
The tree in the lake is a peculiar site. It has over the years become a little bonsai fir tree clinging for dear life in the middle of the water.

Road Safety on logging roads is very important. When driving on logging roads always give the logging truck the right of way. When you see a logging truck on a narrow stretch of road stop and pull over to allow clearance for the truck to get by. There is absolutely no way the truck can stop on a dime. It must have a clear pathway or else!

Lizard Lake Vancouver Island BCimage top of page menu Lizard Lake
Lizard Lake is a BC Forest Service Campground. The Lake is located 18 km northeast of Port Renfrew on the Harris Creek Main logging road and is open for camping through the summer from May to September.
The lake covers an area of 22 acres and is at an elevation of 298 feet. The depth is a maximum of 15m/50ft.

Enhanced fees apply Daily from May 3 to September 30 and October 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, and 14.


The lake can be fished from the newly constructed dock (2000) that reaches 100+? feet onto the lake. It is stocked with rainbow trout and can be fished from April to June and October. Steelhead fishing up the Gordon River is a popular activity for some sportsmen in this area.

There is a Nature Trail 1.5 km around the lake that takes 35 minutes to walk. The area surrounding the lake is wooded with stands of cedar, fir, and undergrowth of salal, trillium, salmon berry, elderberry, and of course small lizards (newts) or salamanders.
There are 21 campgrounds in the main camping area and five walk in sites close to the lakes edge, a short walk from the parking lot. In the summer time local residents populate the sandy beach a short 15m walk from the parking lot.

Lizard Lake, Port Renfrew, BC
New Dock
A new dock was constructed in 2000 and reaches far out onto the lake that is great for swimmers and fishing. The beach is filled in the summer time with sun bathers. In the spring and fall the fishing becomes more popular. Even if you don't have a small row boat or canoe this is a great place to have fun. Remember, motors are NOT allowed on the lake.

Lizard Lake parking lot imageSan Juan Bridge Campground
San Juan Bridge
San Juan Bridge is a BC Forest Service Campground. Located east of Lizard Lake, it is accessed from Port Renfrew via Harris Main (14 km). Turn right onto Lens Main 4-5 km then right (triangle) onto Bear Creek Main or the "Old Port Renfrew Road" to Shawnigan Lake, closed for many years now due to the main bridge out. (burnt down). The first bridge you come to is the San Juan Bridge. The campground is located to the left as you cross the bridge.
There are five private campsites on the San Juan River some with picnic tables and enclosed fire pits with bbq racks built-in. In the summer the river is much lower exposing a small pea size gravel beach.
There are also two very large trees here one is a huge Sikta Spruce and the other is a gigantic maple tree.
The campground is also close to the
Red Creek Fir, Canada's largest standing Douglas fir tree.

The "Red Creek Fir" is 17 km from Port Renfrew down Red Creek Fir Main or from San Juan Bridge direction about 14 km. The Red Creek Main logging road from Port Renfrew direction is in need of great repair. If you are driving from Port Renfrew via Red Creek Main, check out seasonal road conditions before using this road! A four wheel drive is required and it is a good half day trip including the 20 min. hike.

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