“Tall Tree Capital of Canada”


The coastline of British Columbia stretches approximately 27,000 km, including countless islands, bays, inlets and arms. It would take a lifetime to explore. Port Renfrew is the last step into this remote area This is our “Jewel of the West Coast”. A little fishing village once called “our little logging hamlet” by our un-official historian Jack Chester. It is surrounded by ancient rain forest, on the Pacific Rim of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Our wilderness brings visitors from around the world to look with awe at Canada’s  tallest and largest Douglas Firs, Cedars, and Spruce Trees.  The area offers unlimited hiking and activities for all ages.


Port Renfrew is the southern entrance to the Pacific Rim National Park and the world renown shipwreck life saving trail now called  “The West Coast Trail”, and the start of the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. other favorites are… Native Art & Culture, Botanical Beach, Avatar Grove, Big Lonely Doug, The Red Creek Fir, surfing, storm watching, and world class sport fishng, are just some of what our particular region has to offer.  
Port Renfrew Geographical Coordinates: 48° 33' 0" North, 124° 25' 0" West
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