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Woodcarving on the wall in the Hotel.

Port Renfrew Hotel

Port Renfrew Hotel originally was a bunkhouse for loggers. The main portion of the hotel was barged in 1927 from Neah Bay to Port Renfrew.

Here the local clientele, fishermen and loggers would mingle for drinks. image of Botanical Beach


Others would await the paychecks and cash that would be delivered from Victoria for pay days.
It should be noted that in those days loggers and fishermen did not get along together always. There could be expected many fights in the bar and the town needed a strong and powerful man to help maintain the peace. Morris Palmer then justice of the peace, a large man and ex boxer would distribute local loggers paychecks, consult and advise local residents and keep the peace from this landmark.

image of gold panner in one of the local creeks

Morris Palmer

The hotel with its large safe at the hotel desk became Port Renfrew's bank along with its accommodations and drinking establishment. It was not uncommon for the safe to have over $100,000. in it at any time. To this day the safe has never been robbed and still stands between the cafe' and the pub. Morris Palmer, a large man with little room for nonsense was well respected by both fishermen and loggers.

image of two ol gals in front of the Port Renfrew Cannery


In around 1952 the cannery building at the end of the now government dock was then moved down the pier and built onto the side of the hotel. This then became the cafe until 2003 when it burned to the ground. Over the years it was called by many names. The fresh seafood was always popular.

image of wooden car suspension bridge over bear creek

Wallpaper Money

Over the years money was pasted onto the walls and finally they were totally covered like wallpaper. Unfortunately in the last few years the money was starting to disintegrate, and the walls and hotel underwent a face lift and upgrade. The money from the walls was then donated to the local fire department. The walls have changed and the people but time seems to stand still when you enter the main hallway entrance to the hotel.

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Pile driver ready in background. Construction of the new hotel, bar, and restaurant is estimated for completion for May this year.

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