Port Renfrew Emergency Resource List & Phone Numbers

Emergency Phone 911

Emergency Phone Numbers

Port Renfrew Volunteer Fire Department Web site
Port Renfrew BC Ambulance Station 115 Web Site

Phone: 911

Canadian Government

Emergency Response
on Twitter via @EmergencyInfoBC
Emergency Info BC

National Tsunami Warning Center

Environmental Emergency Contacts

Preparing for an Emergency

  • - Understand How Power Outages May Affect Your Land-line Service.
  • - Charge Your Wireless Phone, Laptop, or Tablet if a Storm Is Coming.
  • - Be Prepared to Monitor News and Emergency Broad-casts During Power Outages
  • - Create a Family Emergency Communication Plan- Sign Up to Receive Alerts and Warnings.
  • - Create an "In Case of Emergency" Contact on Your Wireless Phone.
  • - Inform Your Emergency Contact of Medical Issues- Create an Emergency Contacts List on Mobile Phones and Devices
  • - Write Down Important Phone Numbers
  • - Make Sure Family and Other Contacts Know How to Send Mobile Texts
  • - During an emergency- Limit Non-Emergency Phone Calls
  • - Try Texting in Non-Emergency Situations
  • - Adjust Your Wireless Phone to Conserve Battery Power- Call 911 Only for Emergencies
  • - Wait 10 Seconds Before Redialing Calls that Don't Connect
  • - If Evacuated, Forward Your Home Number to Your Wireless Phone
  • - Everyone should have at least one Emergency Phone number in their cell phone directory.
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    Welcome to Vic Alert

    Vic-Alert is a notification service to inform residents, businesses, those who work or play downtown, and visitors in the event of major emergencies or disasters that may impact them such as severe weather, power outages, tsunami, missing children or vulnerable population, and local incidents that affect specific areas of Victoria. To sign up visit our area emergency alert web site.

    Emergency Info BC

    is active during partial and full-scale provincial emergencies, both on this site and on Twitter via EmergencyInfoBC Web Site