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Environmental emergency contacts

Preparing for and Emergency

- Understand How Power Outages May Affect Your Land- line Service. - Charge Your Wireless Phone, Laptop, or Tablet if a Storm Is Coming. - Be Prepared to Monitor News and Emergency Broad- casts During Power Outages - Create a Family Emergency Communication Plan - Sign Up to Receive Alerts and Warnings. - Create an "In Case of Emergency" Contact on Your Wireless Phone - Inform Your Emergency Contact of Medical Issues - Create an Emergency Contacts List on Mobile Phones and Devices - Write Down Important Phone Numbers - Make Sure Family and Other Contacts Know How to Send Mobile Texts - During an emergency - Limit Non-Emergency Phone Calls - Try Texting in Non-Emergency Situations - Adjust Your Wireless Phone to Conserve Battery Power - Call 911 Only for Emergencies - Wait 10 Seconds Before Redialing Calls that Don't Connect - If Evacuated, Forward Your Home Number to Your Wireless Phone - Everyone should have at least one Emergency Phone number in their cell phone directory.
Emergency Info BC on Twitter via @EmergencyInfoBC.
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CMAT is a registered Canadian Charity which prides itself on being a grassroots humanitarian

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Emergency Info BC

is active during partial and full-scale provincial emergencies, both on this site and on Twitter via EmergencyInfoBC.
relief organization. They are entirely volunteer run, and donor driven.
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