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Hiking through HistoryTrails of the San Juan Valley

This booklet and its information can be found through out this web site as the Port Renfrew local hiking trails, maps and information links. Wherever you see the "hiking through history" banner, there is a link to this information page. The booklet itself can be purchased through the Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce and it helps support the local businesses in Port Renfrew.

It can be purchased by a donation of at least five dollars Canadian to:
Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce,
General Delivery,
Port Renfrew, BC, V0S 1K0.

The "Hiking through History" book can also be found at the Information Center at the entrance to town first building on the left during summer hours of operation.
image of Hiking through History booklet

Hiking Through History

This booklet was written and produced by Teresa Burton for the Port Renfrew Community Association and the Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce.
Printed with permission
© Port Renfrew Community Association, 1993 - Revised 2000 And the Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce

Port Renfrew Community Association Project

This project was funded and supported by the Ministry of Forests, TimberWest, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Port Renfrew Youth, Port Renfrew Beautification Projects and Pacheedaht Forestry.


An appreciation to the following folks who have shared their memories and photos from the early pioneering days of logging in our community.

Art Baird, Gordon Gaird, Jack Chester, Frank Elliott, Jack Fleetwood, Margaret Reid, Anna Robertson, Bruce Robinson, Demi and Murray Smith, Norm Smith, Tommy Staples, Lou Tremblay, Ollie Virtanen, and the staff from TimerWest Forest Ltd.

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