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West Coast Trail

10 Most Frequently asked Questions:
1. Where is the West Coast Trail located?
2. How do I get there?
3. When is it open?
4. What do I need hiking the trail?
5. How long does it take?
6. What does it cost?
7. How do I register?
8. What are the conditions on the trail?
9. What does the area have to offer?
10. What is the weather like?
West Coast Trail FAQ

Trail updates are posted outside the Parks Canada Administation Building.
(last online advisory 2008)

West Coast Trail Advisory Trail Update! (2008) - Information is posted outside Parks Canada Administration Building, Port Renfrew as the "West Coast Trail Advisory" bulletin.
West Coast Trail Preparation Guide - "All persons planning to hike the West Coast Trail MUST read and understand the material in this guide to prepare for their hike".

Safety & Staying Healthy

Tide Tables
Port San Juan/Port Renfrew Tide Tables.

Geo-history - A brief history of settlement along the West Coast of Vancouver Island.
West Coast Trail Parks Canada web site.

WCT REVIEWS - Stories by those who have hiked the trail.
Story 1 - Story 2 - Story 3 - Story 4 Story 5 Story 6 Story 7 Story 8
Photos and History along the West Coast Trail from Bamfield to Port Renfrew, BC, Canada.
Construction photos along the West Coast Trail from Port Renfrew to Bamfield, BC, Canada.

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